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Increased Hormones

GABA is a supplement that provides your body with a number of valuable benefits.  Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that GABA increases the human body’s natural hormones by as much as two to three times!  While hormone production decreases with age, GABA provides men and women with the ability to restore their hormone production to youthful levels.  GABA helps reduce stress and tension in the body by acting as a muscle relaxant.

the Role Of GABA

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. GABA elevates brain function, reduces physical aging and increases the body’s hormone production.  Furthermore, GABA is excellent at naturally relaxing both the body and the mind.  Since GABA naturally occurs in the body and has no known side effects, many physicians recommend GABA instead of prescription medication.

Benefits To Your Body

  • -Improved Brain Function
  • -Improved Neurotransmitter Functioning
  • -Elevated Synthetic Hormone Levels
  • -Relaxed Mind and Body
  • -Dramatically Improved Sleep
  • -Stabilized Blood Pressure
  • -Reduced Pain from Chronic Conditions

Maximum Results

For optimal results, we advise that GABA be taken with L-Dopa Extract. The combination of these two powerful amino acids produces a beneficial effect with an increased level of absorption. Don’t waste any more time to begin experiencing the powerful benefits!

While many companies are selling GABA in capsule form with 200-300 mg per capsule, we feel that 3,000 mg (3 grams) of GABA is necessary to fully experience the full benefits of this amino acid. At 200 mg per capsule, our competitors’ clients would need to take 15 capsules to get the equivalent of one of our servings. Our GABA is provided to our clients in larger quantities for a cheaper overall price.

Nutritional Formula

300 Grams
100 Servings per Bottle (2 Month Supply)
PER SERVING: 3,000 mg 100% Pure GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)

Our Guarantee To You

Because we get GABA directly from the manufacturer, we can get you the highest quality GABA at the absolute lowest prices. There is no better deal on the internet!

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    Good stuff

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    This stuff really works! I’m a customer for life!!

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    We have been working with worldwide nutrition for the last 6 years and are customers for life. They stand by there products in every way and have awesome products along with customer service!

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