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Muscle Building Package

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2 Month Supply

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

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Increase Muscle Mass

Are you looking to add 10 to 15 pounds of muscle to your frame?  Then the Muscle Building Package is meant for you!  This package consists of the three effective bodybuilding supplements: L-Glutamine, HMB and the Hormone Package.  While each of these supplements individually creates results, the maximal muscle building impact can be found by taking all three in tandem.  These three muscle enhancing supplements provide the best foundation for substantial muscular growth.

Natural hormone releasers, are well known supplements in bodybuilding circles, and are produced by the body in both men and women.  Numerous medical studies have shown the considerable impact hormone releasers have on increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat percentage.  Additionally, hormone releasers increase energy levels, endurance and athletic performance.  L-Glutamine improves muscle recovery from intensive workouts and enables the body to synthesize protein more quickly.  This unique package also contains Glutamine Peptide, increasing absorption by 200%.

Enhance Muscle Growth

The simultaneous increase of these releasers and the body’s natural chemical levels have been proven through numerous clinical studies to improve optimal muscle growth.  The Muscle Building Package, combined with HMB and the hormone Package, may increase your Testosterone and natural levels.

The increase in testosterone that our products provide may lead to a increase in endurance. stamina, and strength.  HMB converts to testosterone upon entering your body and has been shown to double testosterone levels within an hour of ingestion.

The Benefits To Your Body

  • Increased Lean Mass
  • Increased Strength, Energy and Endurance
  • Improved Protein Synthesis, Nitrogen Retention, and Recovery Ability
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

Nutritional Formula

2-Month Supply
L-Glutamine (500 grams 100% Pure Glutamine Peptide)
Hormone Package (2 Bottles 100% Pure Hormone Releasing Formula)
Tribulus Tongkat Ali (All Natural Testosterone Enhancement)
HMB (120 Capsules-200 mg of pure HMB per capsule)

Our Guarantee To You

These three supplements are guaranteed to improve strength and increase muscle mass. We guarantee you that we will use our large scale purchasing power to get you the highest quality Muscle Building Supplements for the lowest possible prices! SAVE BIG WHILE OFFER LASTS!

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