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AAKG Nitric Oxide

AAKG Nitric Oxide

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Amplify Blood Flow
AAKG provides both men and women with the highest level of sexual satisfaction. Without sufficient levels of AAKG, both men and women can suffer from poor sexual function and decreased sex drive. AAKG creates increased blood flow to the genital areas and leads to elevated sensitivity in the genitals, increasing sexual sensation and improving orgasms. AAKG also stimulates the body’s natural hormones.

AAKG: What It Is
AAKG, which has been heavily researched for decades, is an essential amino acid.

AAKG: What It Does
This vital amino acid helps improve circulation throughout the body by helping to synsethize nitric oxide. AAKG stimulates hormone production by blocking the secretion of somatostatin (a growth hormone inhibitor). AAKG has been shown to increase natural hormone production by over 300% in Clinical Studies.

The Benefits To Your Body
AAKG provides numerous health benefits, and low levels could lead to serious health problems. 8 grams of AAKG daily yields the following benefits:

Increased Hormone Production
Lower Blood Pressure
A Better Regulated Healthy Immune System
More Rapid Repair of Soft Tissues
Improved Blood Flow and Circulation
Improved Sex Drive Functioning
Triple The Absorption Rate With AAKG

The purity of our AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) surpasses pure L-Arginine. Other companies are selling L-Arginine with fillers and other components, which then naturally take away from its purity, leading to poor absorption. When L-Arginine is mixed with other components along with fillers, which it generally is, the absorption rate will then become drastically slower. The only way to truly cater the needs that your body deserves and multiply the absorption by 3 is with our guaranteed 100% pure AAKG L-Arginine. YOUR BODY DESERVES THE BEST!

Nutritional Formula
300,000 milligrams per bottle
75 Servings per Bottle
Amount Per Serving: 4 grams 100% Pure AAKG
Our Guarantee To You

With 4 grams 100% Pure AAKG per serving, we assure you that ours is the most effective AAKG supplement available anywhere –or get your money back!This is now at the lowest price on the internet. SAVE BIG! While offer Lasts!

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