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Ephedra Diet Pills

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The Weight Loss Battle

Millions of Americans struggle to lose weight every day.  Evolutionary issues with the body make losing weight difficult because our bodies have self-regulating mechanisms that inhibit weight loss.  When individuals reduce caloric intake by dieting, the body reacts by slowing down its metabolism rates.  While some people might lose weight temporarily, most will end up gaining it back because of their slowed metabolic rates.

Metabolism controls the body’s weight through controlling how many calories we burn.  While decreasing metabolism leads to weight gain, increasing metabolism will accelerate weight loss.

Ephedra Weight Loss Pills – Increasing Your Metabolism

Increasing the body’s metabolic rate is the centrally important factor in determining permanent weight loss. Since the metabolic rate is always functioning, increasing this rate ensures that more body fat will be burned around the clock. While there are a number of different plants that increase the body’s metabolism, our unique Diet Pills combine a number of herbs into a unique formula that gives consumers one of the safest and most effective weight loss supplements on the market.

Ephedra Weight Loss Pills – Increase Energy Levels

Our Ephedra Diet Pills facilitate the creation of energy through burning body fat.  While only 20-40% of energy comes from stored body fat, you could lose much more body weight if you were able to draw up to 70% of your energy from burning body fat. You can start losing body weight immediately with our Ephedra Weight Loss Pills, by accelerating your metabolism while also burning a higher percentage of body fat.  Our Diet Pills provide you with a more effective weight loss method than any other prescription weight loss medication, without any of the side effects they often have.

Ephedra Weight Loss Pills – The Benefits To Your Body

Dramatically Accelerated Weight Loss

Increased Breakdown of Stored Body Fat

Increased Energy Levels

More Body Fat burned as a Source of Energy

Better Preserved Lean Body Mass

Our Nutritional Formula

(6 Week Supply)
180 Capsules (2 Capsules per Serving)

Amount Per Serving

- 50mg EPHEDRA (Pharmaceutical Grade)
– 250 mg Coleus Forskohlii
– 300 mg Citrus Aurantium
– 900 mg Guarana (22% Standardized Extract)
– 150 mg of Chromium Picolinate
– 100 mg of Acetyl L-Carntitine
– 200 mg of Kola Nut Extract
– 100 mg of Green Tea Extract
– 25 mg Ginger Root Extract
– 150 mg E & Z Guggulsterones
– 175 mg Yerba Mate Extract
– 388 mg of Proprietary Blend

Our Guarantee To You

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